Session 1: Web Design, An Introduction

Who are we? And what are we going to do the next few weeks?

  • How the hybrid class works
  • Introductions
  • Intro to web design (mini-lecture – pdf)
  • Group exercise

Group exercise

In 2-3s (I’m going to try to mix in-class and out-of-class folks – it worked last year!) with one person taking notes:

  • Thinking back to your last online shopping experience — what stands out (good or bad)? What were you doing when this happened? What site were you on? What device were you using?

One of my goals for the course is to help you learn to keep your designer sense “always on.” One way we do this is by consciously deconstructing/analyzing our own experiences.

Lab/Assignments for Thursday

  • Skills¬†survey (please complete by 8 am Wednesday)
  • Set up Moodle accounts.¬†Log in tonight if you have not done so – make sure there is a photo of you associated with your profile, not an abstract avatar. Here’s an opportunity to take a picture of a classmate
    • Left navigation: My Profile Settings. Expand this and click Edit Profile.
    • At the bottom of that page, look for the words: User Picture > click on the link:

  • There is an Introductions thread on Moodle in the General Discussion Forum : please introduce yourself

Reading for Week 1, due Thursday

All readings are together on one page. Please complete reading for each week before coming to class on Monday.

Session recording

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