Session 2, Web Design: Alphabet Soup!

Spending some time poking around the engine, so to speak, and thinking about accessories and customizations.

  • Introductions (we should have folks here tonight that were not here Mon)
  • Recap : survey results / only 10 introductions on Moodle (boo-hoo)
  • The web as multimedia – text and images (lecture – pdf)
  • Group exercise

Lecture notes (ppt)

Live uStream


  • Line width
  • Line height
  • Point size
  • Different from legibility
  • A reminder about type faces

Group exercise

We have to train our brains to analyze. (This is the core of tonight’s work and the assignment for next week). We are going to begin work by conducting an “expert review.” Questions include:

  • What is this site about? How would you explain it to a friend?
  • Who do you think is its audience? Why are they visiting this site?
  • Observations on design, navigation – does the interface make it easy for a person to do what she wants to do?
  • Resultant suggestions for the designer
  • POST copy of chat session to Session 2 Forum

Lab/Assignments for Monday

  • Before shutting down for the night … a Forum post.
  • Reading
  • Come to class Monday prepared to share two or three sites that inspire you in some manner — hopefully in the context of the site you want to build in this program. We’ll work in small groups but a few people will address the entire class.
  • Come to class Thursday with an elevator pitch (what’s that?) for your website. Have it written down (at least in note form)!


Survey results

project management
Project Management
web design
Web Design

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