session 4: photoshop and project work

We’ll share our project ideas and have our first Photoshop lab.

  • Recap : what did we talk about Tuesday?
  • Reading/homework
  • Lab time!

Recap/Project work

  • About that email …
  • Monday night’s inspirational links are all in one post.
  • A note about Gravatars (social)
  • Note re Forum request to critique more web sites
  • Tonight we’re doing our initial elevator pitch.
    • To have been posted on Moodle by 5:30 (there are only 16 posted)
    • I will group y’all into logical (at least in my mind) “work teams” after this exercise.
  • Projects
    • Final precis to include refined elevator pitch (should include site goal/audience); three personas; competitive analysis; wireframes (rough sketch / gray); color ideas; social integration. We will work on each of these concepts in class and there will be an online (Moodle Forum) assignment. At some point, I will ask you to provide feedback on N number of student ideas.
    • These can be as detailed as you like. However, they need to be more than one-liners. 🙂 Can be presented as a WordDoc, as a PPT, as a video, etc. Your choice of deliverable format.
    • Questions?

Lab : intro to Photoshop CC

  • Another word about mobile
  • Finding CC Licensed images on Flickr
  • How CC is different (watch Adobe explanation)
  • The workspace and images (images here – pswd protected)
  • Screen capture software (recommended: Skitch)

How CC is different

The workspace and images

Watch @ (Kathy has to log-in – you can access if you take the 1 month subscription)

Photoshop Image Size Window

Assignments for next Thursday

  • Before you leave this evening: post to this Moodle Forum how you might use Photoshop with your web projects and any ah-ha’s about image manipulation.
  • Before 8:00 am on Wednesday, post to this Moodle Forum at least three (but no more than five) websites that may form the basis of your competitive analysis — that is, three-five sites that are in the same field/genre/type as what you are planning. (Note: you can change your focus, but your PS class will require basic wireframes from which to build full color ones. Easier to not change horses in mid-stream.) Include a screen capture of the home page or an interior page that illustrates a point you are making about the site. This can be “I’d like to do this” or “I don’t want to do that” or a combo.
  • In preparation for our discussion about social media, please share your public personas in this Moodle thread. Also due before 8:00 am on Wednesday.
  • Finally, before 5:30 pm on Thursday, post a before-and-after set of images to this Moodle thread. Demonstrate that you understand how to take a “large” image and make a medium-sized (~300px wide or tall – largest dimension) image. This can be an photo you’ve taken or something from Flickr (creative commons-licensed!).

Another word about mobile

mary-meeker-OS-comparison-2013 mary-meeker-phone-use-2013 mary-meeker-smartphone-traffic-2013 mary-meeker-tablet-pcs-2013 mary-meeker-tablet-trend-2013 mary-meeker-tech-cycles-2013

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