session 7: multimedia

  • Images and sound (multimedia)
  • Rule of Thirds (Photoshop)
  • Wireframes and design


Design discussion

Wireframing/Architecting Your Site

Peer Group Work


  • By noon Monday (hey, who is going to be studying on Sunday?) : post to the UW Catalyst CollectIt a draft of your final deliverable for the class, with these components that we have worked on to date:
    • refined elevator pitch (should include site goal/audience);
    • three personas;
    • competitive analysis;
  • By 6 pm Wednesday : post a draft of your revised wireframe – still high level / low fidelity / no color
  • Format: whatever you want to use > eg Word / PPT / PDF / Web — but it should be “an” entity, not a series of downloads.
  • Come to class Monday and Thursday prepared to give feedback to your peer group and to the class as a whole.

Examples from other classes

Note: competitive analysis requires that you have identified a set of tasks and you try to complete those tasks on each site. Success or failure?

Reading: Information architecture

Links & Notes from Chat Session

RE audio importance:  Q: Interesting – why is it more important than video?

Just say no to GoDaddy, please. Misogynistic ads + security + hard as the devil to get untangled from.

Security & two-step auth — SSL does not protect you from having your account hacked. It protects info that moves from point A to B via a non-direct route.

One resource for free music + ccMixter + Finding legal music to tell your story

RE “don’t use your phones for photography” >

Links from the chat transcript

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