session 8: IA and wireframes


  • Recap (ppt)
  • Analyze interfaces and an application walk through
  • Legalities (copyright)
  • Your projects

Analyze interfaces/design

Some task resources/readings:

Examples from other classes

Note: competitive analysis requires that you have identified a set of tasks and you try to complete those tasks on each site. Success or failure?

Application walkthrough



As a general rule, for works created after January 1, 1978, copyright protection lasts for the life of the author plus an additional 70 years. For an anonymous work, a pseudonymous work, or a work made for hire, the copyright endures for a term of 95 years from the year of its first publication or a term of 120 years from the year of its creation, whichever expires first.
Copyright Office

Your projects

  • UW Catalyst Box (4 missing, 1 was multiple files and thus not included, 1 was incomplete and thus not included – not seeing a lot of revising! Becca is on forum.).
    Accessible here (password-protected page).
    Let’s look at Carol’s (NFP), Jeremy’s (bricks-and-mortar), Joe’s (virtual place), Kathy’s (portfolio/service)
  • Remember: target audience is not the same thing as a persona
  • In order to do a competitive analysis, you must first identify your personas and their tasks. Then you pick a set of tasks and see how easy/hard it is to accomplish them at the competitor sites.
  • Important: please include your first name as the first word in the document name; please include your full name at the top of the document; please include the project name at the top of the document.


8 thoughts on “session 8: IA and wireframes

  1. I would like for us to cover more on the steps you go go through when designing a website for a client. We talked a little bit about the importance of wireframes in giving developers, businessmen, and marketeers a general idea of how the website will look like before investing more time in it. I would like to know more about these real-world experience kind of steps.

  2. I’d love a good overview of what will be on the exam, so I can ensure I re-read the appropriate materials! Otherwise, focusing on our final projects and giving and receiving feedback on our work is the most helpful stuff for me.

  3. 1. Discuss final projects – how should we present, layout, format and important aspects to include that are currently lacking. Also some tips on revisions for our current drafts. Best way to revise.

    2, Looking over upcoming quiz and discuss testing material for Thursday.

    3. Discuss Monday – are we just presenting our final projects in (powerpoint for example) format with 4 minutes to present and then doing slight revisions to turn in Friday?

  4. 1. Format of the final project presentation expected on Monday.
    2. An example of how the wireframes are fleshed out from scratch to a hi-fidelity wireframe. An example would be really helpful to get a hang of the process.
    3. And looking over the upcoming quiz.

  5. 1. Advice on a good, free wireframe tool that produces sketchy drawings that you can then convert to more formal drawings
    2. Any advice on specific topics covered on the upcoming quiz – will it be similar to 1st quiz in terms of format.

  6. Ditto Becca. Also, how detailed should our wireframes become? For example, my current wireframe is just blocks of space. Should we add Lorum Ipsum with proposed fonts?

  7. 1) Would like more info on Responsive Design.
    2) Would like to understand better Information Architecture in a structural way e. g. is there some consistent way to organize the different infos. We know that it has to be user centered. But still I don’t understand if there should be a consistent way to organize the different topics (one per page, a menu for each, links and sub-links, etc…).
    3) If there is a site that deliver both organized infos and allow discussion forums how to organize this knowing that a forum gives unorganized infos…
    4) How do we relate the Visual, Architecture, Interaction designs…
    5) I personally believe that we have covered an enormous amount of notions in the last 3 classes and I am confused how to relate all those together: we have covered Visual design (10 tattoos on your brain which are far to be tattooed in my brain at this point), Information Architecture, Interaction design + sound + other stuffs + site critic examples + Refining the projects and wireframes. In the last Power Point (Recap), all these notions are included in Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3. Therefore, I wonder what will be on the quizz. In other words, I would be interested in having a recap of what we absolutely have to know well and what is less important to know at this point.

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