Winter 2015 – week 3

We’ll look at some sites, learn some basic concepts, discuss the reading. And begin on our projects.

  • Recap : what did we talk about last week?
  • Reading/homework
  • User experience and aesthetics
  • Projects



  • Revisiting breakouts and your first steps towards an expert review.
  • Please read Using breakout rooms in Adobe Connect
  • We’ll use the same groups as last week
    • Alyson, Heather, Joe
    • Ana, Hideo, Julia, Sherry
    • Anna, Issette, Laura
    • Barb, Jessica B., Mandy, Katharine
    • Caitlin, Jessica K., Phong
    • Fan, Jorial, Sam
  • Groups can use audio and video (just one or all, but talking over one another isn’t possible — I recommend you start with only one person talking)


  • Note: it’s important that you complete the reading before class and comment/respond post-class
  • For email, please put UW Web Design in the subject line



We are getting started on your projects.

  • Precis to include elevator pitch refined (should include site goal/audience); three personas; wireframes (rough sketch / gray); color ideas; social integration
  • Examples are linked from Moodle page

Web sites

Lab/Assignments for next week

  1. Come to class next week with a draft elevator pitch (what’s that?) for your website. Have it written (at least in note form) and posted to the Forum by 6 pm on Wednesday January 28.
    • Our goal is a both 15-second and a 60-second elevator pitch.
      • Be aspirational, not historical
      • Think “engaging”, ie, you want to start a conversation
      • Show passion
    • Pick one of three classic approaches: emphasize the pain you’re resolving, emphasize what potential customers think they need, emphasize outcome/result/benefit to customer
  2. Come to class prepared to share two or three sites that inspire you in some manner — hopefully in the context of the site you want to build in this program. We’ll work in small groups but a few people will address the entire class. Share your inspirational links by posting a comment on this blog post by noon on Thursday.
  3. Reading


Individual exercise – respond to readings

Class video

Requires login – Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3


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