Winter 2015 – week 5

We’ll have a quiz, think about personas and tasks, discuss projects. And begin working with Photoshop.


  • Our quiz will be open from 6:15 to 6:45 pm. Most of the questions are short answer; one is matching.
    • Login is not required; that means that I need you to fill in your name, though. 🙂
    • Consider writing your answer in a text document and then pasting into the form for submission.
    • Please-please-please: if you answer the questions in the web browser, copy&paste each answer into a text document for backup/safety.
    • Don’t wait until 6:45 to submit! When the UW web server clock reads 6:45, the quiz will close. Your computer’s clock may not exactly match the UW web server clock.
    • If you don’t finish, that’s OK. That tells me something, too.
    • Remember, the quiz is as much for me to know what material to review as it is about y’all.

Groups and site genres

First, what’s the difference between a portfolio site and a services site?

Based on your project types, these are our new groups (draft) for our remaining time together. Some will have sub-grouping to keep the size manageable. See all revised pitches.

  • eCommerce (some sort of product “sale”) : Alyson,Caitlin, Hideo, Jorial, Julia, Sam
  • Portfolio :  Ana, Fan, Katie, Laura, Mandy
  • Services: Barbara, Heather,Issette, JessicaK, Sherry
  • Friends/Family: JessicaB, Joe
  • Unknown: Anna

Design critique: Charleston, SC

  • Personas (slideshare)
  • Persona for Charleston SC website:
    Janice is a 38, single, professional; she’s from Alaska but lives in Portland. She works in IT for the city and enjoys traveling for the new experiences. When she attends conferences, she likes to take a day or two before or after the conference to see local sites, with an emphasis on nature.
  • Scenario for Charleston SC website:
    Janice is attending an IT conference in Charleston, SC in June. She’s heard about Angel Oak tree on Johns Island (sometimes spelled John Island) and is interested in going there if she can swing it. She’s using the city website to find the park information.

Photoshop Lab 1

Why do we crop photos?

Learn how to straighten and crop photos (YouTube link)

  • Download these two images (individually or as a zipped file on DropBox – uwwebdesign)
  • Kathy will play the tutorial (video #1 / crop and straighten)
  • Now, at your own speed, watch the tutorial on your own computer and execute the steps on the lighthouse image
  • Then, do the same thing with the sea-desk image
  • “Save for web” — jpeg — low resolution (see below)
  • Name files firstnameLastInitial-lighthouse.jpg firstnameLastInitial-sea.jpg
  • Upload files to Forum via post or to shared GoogleDrive.
    GoogleDrive is my preferred solution because it will be easier for me to see the files! How to upload files to GoogleDrive.


Assignments for next week

In addition to the reading, we’re working each week on the final projects.

Video from this session: Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3

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