Winter 2015 – week 6

We’ll have review the quiz, think about information architecture, and explore interfaces. We’ll also work on projects. 


  • Answers available for review during our opening 15 minutes of class
  • Kathy will talk about highlights/take questions for the next 15 minutes
  • Check your email for a copy of your results after class

Information architecture/interfaces


9 design principles to tattoo on your brain

  1. Color
  2. Chunking
  3. Fitts’ law
  4. Gestalt Principles of Perception
    (1) Proximity

    (2) Uniform Connectedness

    • Gestalt design principles
      Gestalt : uniform connectedness (from The Web Style Guide)
  5. Hick’s law
  6. Readability
  7. Rule of thirds
  8. Simplicity
    • Designs should have a good signal-to-noise ratio: avoid chartjunk and its equivalents
  9. Visual hierarchy


A reminder about milestones, which are designed in a building block fashion to facilitate both development and feedback opportunities. These are assessed on a complete/incomplete scale and are part of the 40% of your points that are allocated to the project.

Based on your project types, here are our groups for our remaining time together; some have sub-grouping to keep the size manageable. See revised pitches. See draft competitor sites (17). See draft personas (only 10).

Examples from other classes

Note: competitive analysis requires that you have identified a set of tasks and you try to complete those tasks on each site. Success or failure?


Assignments for next week

In addition to the reading, we’re working each week on the final projects.

Project assignments for the remainder of the quarter

  • Week 8: by 8 pm Wednesday 25 Feb  : post to the UW Catalyst CollectIt a draft of your final deliverable for the class, with these components that we have worked on to date:
    • refined elevator pitch (should include site goal/audience);
    • three personas;
    • competitive analysis;
    • Format: whatever you want to use > eg Word / PPT / PDF / Web — but it should be “an” entity, not a series of downloads.
  • Week 8: by 6 pm Thursday 26 Feb: have two or three ideas for your website domain name
  • Week 9: by 8 am Monday 2 March: post in Moodle Forums a draft of your wireframe – high level / low fidelity / no color
  • Week 10: Everyone will give a 3-4 minute presentation (PPT slides, maximum 7 including title/closing slides) on their project. Timed! Please let me know in advance if we will need to have you phone me in order for everyone to hear you. I need your slides by noon that Thursday so that I can get them uploaded to Adobe Connect.

Video from this session:  Video 1 | Video 2 |  Video 3

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