Winter 2015 – week 9

We’ll learn a bit about legalities, spend a little time on color and design, work a bit more on sharable content, and get ready for next week.

Part 1. copyright and creative commons

Copyright and creative commons, lecture [ppt]

Part 2. color and design

Color theory, lecture [ppt]

Responsive design, discussion


Play with color (virtual box of crayons)

In Photoshop – see the built in color swatches.

In a post to the forum:

  • What colors are you leaning towards for your site and why?
  • How has tonight’s discussion modified or reinforced those thoughts?
  • Have you noticed a color theme in your niche? Hue? Intensity?


Part 3. social, part 2

Examples to consider

Part 4. prep for next week

  • Presentation: your audience is your peers – what can they learn from your experience?
  • Max seven slides; 5-6 minutes
  • Quiz: concepts from the quarter, in your words. Think about these: navigation best practices (the three questions: where am I, where have I been, where can I go); best practices with photos (file types, cropping); why personas are important; what is information architecture and where does it come in the design process (best practices); why do we need to think about usability early in our design process.


No reading.

Here is everyone’s wireframes – take a look at your peers! Great work, folks!

Project assignments for the remainder of the quarter

Video from this session:  Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3




reminder about milestones, which are designed in a building block fashion to facilitate both development and feedback opportunities. These are assessed on a complete/incomplete scale and are part of the 40% of your points that are allocated to the project.

Based on your project types, here are our groups for our remaining time together; some have sub-grouping to keep the size manageable. See revised pitches. See draft competitor sites (17). See draft personas (only 10).

Examples from other classes

Note: competitive analysis requires that you have identified a set of tasks and you try to complete those tasks on each site. Success or failure?




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