Web Design and Production Fundamentals is part of the University of Washington’s Certificate in Web Design.

This 3-credit hour course is taught  8 January – 12 March 2015 in downtown Seattle, 6-9 pm. See information on prior classes.


Covers the core concepts and practical skills involved in web design and production. Explores the fundamentals of web design, the role of interactivity from aesthetic and technical viewpoints and covers proven approaches to project development and management. Includes a survey of industry-standard web and multimedia production tools. The course concludes with an introduction to graphic design and Adobe Photoshop basics. Participants plan and build a web project.


  • Hands-on working knowledge of the Windows environment; and
  • An understanding of Web development using HTML or completion of Introduction to Web Publishing or a similar course.

Online Course

  • Adobe Connect link (UW login required)
  • Moodle site (UW login required)
  • If at any time a meeting is inaccessible, dial into the conference call.
  • Online Forums (UW login required)

About The Instructor

Kathy E. Gill is an expert in digital social media (specializing in blogging and Twitter), and her experience encompasses both business and academia, with a focus on information design and web site usability. She has been teaching digital media at Seattle-area colleges and universities since 1998.

She has consulted on web projects at Boeing, AT&T Wireless, Microsoft, PlumCreek Timber and SAFECO as well as start-ups and small businesses. Prior to making the transition to digital media in 1994, she also worked in public affairs in the natural resources sector in Washington, Oregon and the Northeast.

Connect with her on Twitter @kegill, Facebook at kathyegill or email at kegill at uw dot edu

Kathy Gill

Kathy E Gill

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