Adobe Connect: accessing our classroom

1. Go to MyUW:

2. Click “Log in with your UWNetID.”

MyUW Login screen
MyUW Login screen

3. Enter your UWNetID and password, then click the “Log in” button

MyUW Login
In this example, the student’s UW NetID is tsmith

4. On the main MyUW page, click “MyFrontPage” to view your class schedule if it is not showing on your home page.

MyUW Class Schedule
Go to MyUW Class Schedule

5. Click the online course button at the far right to access the password-protected course website.

Example of class information
Example of class information

6. You’ve arrived at UW Online Learning’s My Course site which is managed with Moodle software. (It’s sometimes just called the “Moodle” site.) If you are enrolled in multiple courses, they will all be listed here. Click our course title to go to the site.

It will take 24-72 hours before you will see the actual course content. If you login to My Course before this process is completed, you will see the screen below with YOU HAVE NO COURSE ACCESS on top.

UW IT has a Visual Quick State Guide for the Moodle site (login required).

UW MyCourse Home
UW MyCourse Home

7. Once you’ve accessed our online course in Moodle, you will see a link to our Adobe Connect Meeting room:

Check out Adobe’s Quick Start Guide (pdf) if you have not used the software prior to this.

Our class Moodle site.
Our class Moodle site.

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