Final Project Details

  • Final precis to include
    • Refined elevator pitch (should include site goal/audience)
    • Three personas
    • Competitive analysis
    • Wireframes (rough sketch / gray)
    • Color ideas
    • Social integration
  • We will work on each of these concepts in class and there will online (Moodle forums) assignments. You will also be providing peer feedback.
  • These can be as detailed as you like, but it needs to be more than a series of one-liners. 🙂 Can be presented as a WordDoc, as a PPT, as a video, etc. Your choice of deliverable format; but Only One Document!
  • Final deliverable Friday 3/13 by 6 pm; Catalyst upload.


  • Pitch draft – week 4
  • Pitch final – week 5
  • Competitive analysis draft – week 5
  • Personas draft – week 6
  • Tasks draft – week 7
  • Wireframes draft – week 8
  • Draft precis – week 9

Persona checklist



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